Corporate Social Responsibility

We encourage everyone to lead active outdoor lifestyle. We do that by selling innovative ski, snowboard and bicycle tools crafted from the finest materials with relentless attention to detail, developed and produced to the most exacting standards in order to make skis, snowboards and bikes perform better. We match our customers with tools that suit their needs. But we offer more than products, we are passionate about what we do and love to share our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm.

We started with a ski related invention 30 years ago. 28 patents later we've grown and so have our interests. Now we ski, snowboard and cycle. We grew from a small business to a larger one but our focus still remains developing innovative tools that make equipment perform better, bringing joy to our customers and making what we do sustainable.

What guides us


We offer innovative, high-quality and high-performance products at very competitive prices.


We listen carefully to one another. We deal in good faith. We are honest, fair, and ethical.


We understand the power of community and co-operative principles. We draw on the strength of people working together.


We embrace original ideas and fresh ways of looking at the world. We draw on these to build and evolve our heritage.


We lead by example. We seek to motivate other individuals and organizations to act for people and the planet.


We work to make and market our products sustainably. We strive to build and operate our facilities with minimum ecological impact.


We act to preserve and restore wild places. We do so actively, consistently, and generously.


We work actively to ensure those who make our products are treated with respect.


We believe in living life to the fullest, with a spirit of adventure, a thirst for challenge, and a desire to learn.

Where we are going

We aspire to be the most viable, innovative producer of ski, snowboard and bicycle tools on the planet. We want to bring about a future where skiers, snowboarders and cyclists of all ages play outdoors more often and in ever-increasing numbers and have a connection to nature that is stronger than ever. We want to set an example that inspires other organizations and individuals towards environmental, social, and economic sustainability. In short, we want to leave the world better than we found it.